Vaf ViscoSense Viskositet/Densitet

Principle of operation

ViscoSense®3D is able to measure inline the actual dynamic viscosity and density of a large range of liquids. The unique measuring principle of ViscoSense®3D is based on a torsional vibration of a pendulum in liquid. The measured damping of this piezo-driven vibration is directly related to the viscosity. A built-in temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature at the same location where the viscosity is measured. The sensor head is equipped with a cross vane through which a small amount of fluid is increasing the mass moment of inertia. The frequency of the pendulum, which is dependent on the mass moment of inertia, is now directly related to the density of the fluid.

Cost-effective operation

The ViscoSense®3D sensor is developed to measure viscosity and density without interruptions and with low operating costs. Since the sensor does not actually move, it is not subject to wear and therefore it ensures a long lifetime and a maintenance free operation. The non-stick surface of the pendulum in combination with a smooth edged design makes the sensor highly insensitive to fouling and easy to clean. The sensor is calibrated for life and the high accuracy will be kept without the necessity of re-calibration. Due to its compact design the sensor is suitable for easy installation in any new or retrofit system.

86-002310ViscoSense VS3D A-system, StandardViskositet: 0...25 eller 50 mPa.s / cSt
86-002311ViscoSense VS3D A-system, SpecialViskositet: ??...?? (max 1000) mPa.s / cSt